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It is confirmed that Dangerous 25 will be in progress with Sony, Epic, Legacy and MJJ Productions to make the 25th anniversary edition to one of Michael's biggest selling albums behind Thriller. The album is planned to be worked on in 2015 and to be released in 2016. It is unaware if the album will feature unreleased material from Jackson.

Okay, I know I’m about 4 years early, and BAD 25 just came out, LOL, but what would you like to see included in the Dangerous 25 package? 

I’m thinking maybe we could compile a wish list and send it to the estate/Sony or whoever decides these things, and maybe they’ll really take our list and thoughts into consideration. (Hey, a girl can dream, right? Haha!) 

What I want to see included:

The biggest thing - I want a full Dangerous Tour concert besides Bucharest. I LOVE Bucharest,  but there has to be another full Dangerous Tour concert floating around somewhere, right?! To see one and have it included in Dangerous 25 would be completing amazing! I would cry…tears of joy!

More unreleased songs that were finished or almost finished that were recorded for the Dangerous Album, but never made it on. I know there are: Monkey Business, Work That Body, She Got It, and Serious Effect, and If You Don’t Love Me,  but I want more! Haha. 

Obviously, I’d love for them to remaster the 5 I just mentioned as well. 

Dangerous Tour Program

All (if possible, haha) Demos of the songs on Dangerous

Live CD of a Dangerous Tour Concert

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